API Automation Testing

  • Project Management

    Project Management

    API testing is often performed across multiple environments, so testing should be easily moved as well.  All test data is…


  • Success Criteria Rules

    Success Criteria Rules

    Validating API behavior is simplified by creating expected behavior rules using the success criteria rule framework.   Defines Pass/Fail rules to…


  • SOAP with Attachments

    SOAP with Attachments

    Supports MIME, DIME, and MTOM attachment testing scenarios.   Large file SwA testing is possible with available large-file streaming module…


  • Automatic Message Generation

    Automatic Message Generation

    WSDL and XML schema parsing with automatic SOAP/XML generation.   Enables simplified graphical SOAP and XML testing by providing schema from…


  • Regression Testing

    Regression Testing

    Embedded behavior variance engine provides XDiff technology to automatically detect behavior variances and regression between API tests and API versions.  …


  • JMS Testing

    JMS Testing

    Test and simulate JMS communication scenarios with providers such as IBM MQ, Tibco EMS, Weblogic JMS, and native JMS messaging…


  • Test Automation

    Test Automation

    Drive test inputs and response analysis using dynamic data from File, Excel, or Database tables.  Can be used for functional…


  • PKI and Security

    PKI and Security

    Built-in PKI engine for SSL/TLS (1.0, 1.1, 1.2), Digital Signature generation, Encryption schemes.  Supports direct access to X.509 keys from…


  • API Test Reports

    API Test Reports

    Functional, Performance, Compliance, and Vulnerability reports. Export formats XML, DOC, XLS, PDF, RTF, and RPT.