Main Product Features


API Functional Testing

Validate the functional behavior of API endpoints with client input simulations. Quality criteria rules provide validation and regression testing of API behavior. Tests can be run on-demand or automated.



API Performance Testing

Simulate load from multiple virtual clients to measure and validate the performance criteria of the target APIs. Dynamic security and identity provide real world simulated inputs.



API Security Testing

Dynamic mutation engine intelligently generated inputs and measures responses against vulnerability criteria rules. Security tests provide risk posture and vulnerability profile reporting.



API Behavior Modeling

Real-world API virtualization with emulated API responses that can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud for decoupled API simulation testing for error conditions and performance.


Speed-to-market, value and confidence through innovation in API testing.

Accomplishing API testing across a disparate set of technologies can be challenging when not using the right set of tools. Leveraging purpose-built product technology simplifies the efforts to test and validate proper functional behavior, performance characteristics, security vulnerabilities, and compliance adherence.

Identity APIs

Test and verify the IAM and SSO capabilities of your APIs and Applications

Performance Testing

Virtual Client Performance Testing for Real-World Scenario Validation
Performance testing with the ability to distribute load across multiple physical or virtual servers to simulate the loading profiles of your API consumers and to validate the throughput capabilities of your APIs and applications. Performance testing generates unique wire signatures which differs from traditional loading platforms that simply replay existing messages. With unique wire signatures, the loading clients all appear to be unique to the API or application and thus provide realistic loading profiles that represent real-world traffic flow scenarios.


Mobile APIs

Simulate requests and responses for mobile application development and testing

Automated Testing

Automate testing with API Baseline Behavior Variances
Baseline regression capability allows capturing expected behavior and re-testing for functional regression.

Cloud APIs

Built-in support for cloud API formats and protocols.

Pen Testing

Edge Cases and Error Conditions
Test various edge cases and error conditions to validate the composure of your APIs and applications under different input scenarios that contain error conditions such as invalid field values, messages, headers, identity information, etc.

OpenAPI and WSDL

JSON, XML, and SOAP messages built from OpenAPI and WSDL document sources.
Test any variant of REST or SOAP based services/APIs.