API Response Simulation

API Response Simulation

Mock APIs | Behavior Modeling | Client Integration | Stand-Alone Runtime | Forced Error Simulation

Stand-Alone Execution

Build API response simulation models, then run them from different locations using runtime virtual API server.

Behavior Modeling

Create behavior rules and flows that represent business API processes for real-world API response behavior emulation.

Performance Testing

Simulate load from multiple virtual clients to measure and validate the performance criteria of the target APIs. Dynamic security and identity provide real world simulated inputs.

Success Criteria Rules

Define Pass/Fail rules to validate expected client functional behavior with semantic format and content validation.

Data Privacy Testing

Test encryption and decryption of JSON, XML, REST,, and SOAP message patterns.


Built-in PKI engine for TLS, Digital Signature generation, and Encryption. Supports direct access to X.509 keys from Windows, Java keystore and dynamic SmartCard readers.

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