API Endpoint Simulation

Mock APIs | Behavior Modeling | Client Integration | Stand-Alone Runtime | API Error Simulation

Easy API Builder

Build API Response Simulations using simple point-and-click workflows

Performance Assessment

Performance throughput assessment with simulated response times

Client Validation

Ensure proper client behavior by creating expected input rules for the simulated API

Device and User Validation

Configure API input rules that verify proper integration to the API as well as erroneous responses such as API response delays, timeouts, and error codes.

Versatile Inputs and Outputs

Create different types of API simulated responses with JSON, XML, SOAP, or any custom message pattern of your choice.

Virtual API Endpoints

Simulate API Endpoint behavior with response modeling to replicate API behavior in a virtual environment decoupled from the actual services and APIs to validate integrations and client-side quality.

Security and Identity

Verify message and protocol security capabilities and error handling robustness by creating API requirements such as DSIG, Encryption, SAML, TLS, etc.

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