Release Notes SOAPSonar

SOAPSonar Enterprise Edition - Release Notes


October 11, 2023
  1. Adds Export Suite and Export Suite Group test options to extract and export Suite and Suite Group tests into a new SSP project file
  2. Adds Sort Ascending and Sort Descending context menu options for tests associated to Test Suite Groups
  3. Adds Sort Ascending and Sort Descending context menu to Success criteria rules under Bulk Updates menu
  4. Fixes linked project success criteria rule pulldown to omit rules already added as links
  5. Fixes issue with Base64 function resolution when not using streaming option or SwA
  6. Fixes Base64 function resolution when running in Performance mode
  7. Fixes OpenAPI test case cloning logic
  8. Fixes display issue from Run View to Project View where TreeView is not always completely visible at the top project
  9. Fixes icon for OpenAPI test cases in Run View to be JSON test case icon


June 3, 2023
  1. Adds a new feature to Performance mode to treat HTTP 404 code as valid responses for TPS measurements
  2. Adds support for Test Case Bulk operations – Move Tests to Folder, Delete Tests, and Replace URI
  3. Adds Does not Contain to test case filter screen
  4. Adds a new feature to Success criteria to perform XDiff graphical diff of baseline vs actual in Project View
  5. Fixes resolution of nested SQL query global variables
  6. Fixes rendering of test case list for improved performance
  7. Fixes RAW/Form view to ensure when there are too many entries that a scrollbar appears


May 15 2023
  1. Added support for TLS 1.3 ( Requires minimum version of Windows OS that support TLS 1.3 for .NET Framework 4.8 )
  2. Added memory enhancements that provide 4x more in-memory processing per instance from 1.2GB to 4GB
  3. Added JSON Schema Validation (supports JSON Schema Draft 6 and backwards compatibility with older versions)
  4. Added binary MIME parsing and new Success Criteria features to validate MIME attachments and MIME Attachment headers
  5. Added MIME attachment extraction capability for Project View
  6. Added OpenAPI Variable detection and replacement assistant
  7. Added a select all checkbox to the Reporting screen Delete log dialog
  8. Added -n flag to runsuite.exe to automatically generate a normalized XML log output
  9. Added a button to report view to allow selected entries in the log file pulldown to be removed
  10. Added CTRL-F shortcut to show search field in Project Tree
  11. Added ExpandAll and CollapseAll to the Project Tree context-menu
  12. Added sensitive (i.e. password) type to global variables with encrypted storage
  13. Added Find Next feature for project tree nodes
  14. Added ClearScript scripting support for full JavaScript and VBScript scripting
  15. Added numeric value comparison operators to Success Criteria variable compare function
  16. Added option to MIME to support relative paths
  17. Added option to project context menu to all sorting subprojects alphabetically
  18. Fixed success criteria element value comparison when only a single root node is the target value
  19. Fixed Administrative rights detection to not require Admin rights to install and license, but ensure registry and install directory write privileges exist
  20. Fixed streaming HTML Form post to ensure application/x-www-form-urlencoded content-type gets set if not manually set in the Content-Type header
  21. Fixed application/x-www-form-urlencoded requests to show the actual requests in Run View rather than the HTML Form post script format
  22. Fixed duplicate prompt on delete test folder


November 15, 2021
  1. Added Host and Scheme protocol header values to Sent Request and Reporting logs
  2. Fixed CurrentIteration function to start at 0 for Project View to match Run View
  3. Fixed Agent Initialization Start Test button docking location on resize
  4. Fixes Tests Overview Display for Custom Tests and Tests that reside within Folders
  5. Fixed OpenAPI Test Case creation to not initialize data from previously selected Test Case
  6. Fixed boundary generation id for HTML Form Post function ($fn:HTMLFormPost) to match Content-Type
  7. Fixed handling of emtpy value strings for HTML Form Post funtion ($fn:HTMLFormPost)
  8. Fixed upgrade installations to ensure file overwrite for updated files
  9. Fixed issue of DefaultSuite name change when selecting ‘clear current project’ when a new project being imported
  10. Fixes calculation of response length for MTOM responses
  11. Fixes issues with MTOM binary responses causing invalid XML characters to corrupt the test result log
  12. Fixes Menu selection replacement of runtime variable references to do an insert at character location rather than full replace of existing text
  13. Fixes initialization issue with RunSuite vs GUI console where existing embedded Project Globals associated with Runtime variables were getting removed


June 9, 2021
  1. Added codesign signatures to all product binaries and installation package
  2. Added Base64 Encode/Decode to context menus and as a Tool Menu Item utility
  3. Fixed OpenAPI parsing to use “Default” instead of “Unspecified” for paths with no defined tags
  4. Fixes OpenAPI parsing to handle path definitions without tag references


October 9, 2021
  1. Fixed response code for protocol errors to show code returned in the Response Header


May 15, 2020
  1. Fixed relative path references for ADS when th e relative path is project directory
  2. Fixed OpenAPI test names to use upper case for GET, PUT, POST, etc
  3. Fixed display issue with OAuth2 password grant type


August 23, 2019
  1. Added new OpenAPI project Type with support for OpenAPI 2.0 and 3.0
  2. Added OAuth2 support
  3. Added support for Amazon AWSv4 signature authentication
  4. Added new authentication settings screen
  5. Added optimizations for large project
  6. Added form based inputs for urlencoded and form-data Content-Types
  7. Added Form and Raw views for protocol header fields
  8. Fixes issue with custom HTTP headers defined on a test case appearing on subsequently created test cases based on the last test case active
  9. Fixes issue with ContentType header getting created on test cases with HTTP methods other than POST and PUT
  10. Fixed bug with form-data Content-Types not correctly setting boundary header
  11. Fixes URI field so that direct edits are properly synced and updated in the decomposed URL component values
  12. Fixed packaging and installation of Crystal Reports component to no longer require VC++ prerequisites
  13. Fixes the Cancel button logic on the dynamic Cert Alias resolve screen to abort sending the test request in Project View


January 20, 2019
  1. Added proxyurl and proxycredentials command line options to runsuite.exe for dynamically specifying proxy settings
  2. Added support for HTTP Status Response text to be available as an HTTP response header for HTTP codes > 299
  3. Added support for additional fingerprint methods (EnhancedFingerprintDetection)
  4. Fixes WS-Encryption of a WS-Username token header with the ‘Included Nonce Encoding Type Attribute’ option set
  5. Fixed issue with disabled Success Criteria items still being used to detect dependencies
  6. Fixed issue with ADS initialization related to referencing ADS sources from XML project to WSDL project ADS sources
  7. Fixed RunSuite to adhere to the defined SOAPSonar settings for TLS 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2
  8. Fixed WS-Security Signatures to support ETSI & ISO and allow certificates for signing that have only the KeyUsage=nonRepudiation set exclusively
  9. Fixed issue extracting Runtime Variable attribute values containing an “=” symbol
  10. Fixed handling wsam:Action attributes within PortType Operation attributes
  11. Fixed issue with OverrideIP setting when using global variables in URI
  12. Fixed issue with Performance Agents and Thread allocation


November 3, 2017
  1. Added support for resolving file references to Fullpath, ProjectDir, or InstallDir automatically
  2. Added optimizations for rendering time on projects with a large number of data sources defined
  3. Added and Export File option to the context menu of the Report View XML file to more easily copy the result file to a selected target location
  4. Fixed success criteria behavior when “Skip Rule if XPath not found” is enabled and none of the defined XPath rules match the target content
  5. Fixed linkage on the Report View when Show Failed tests were
  6. Fixed WS-Security Timestamp to allow negative values for negative testing
  7. Fixed regression issue with Send Email task
  8. Fixed issue with TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 settings being preserved through restarts
  9. Fixed issue of duplicate TestIDs caused when cloning groups of Test Cases by cloning the Test Folder
  10. Fixed Microsoft OLEDB driver issues on older Excel files (.xls)
  11. Fixed display width of SSL certificate display on Authentication tab


July 20, 2017
  1. Added new TestName() context function
  2. Added feature to QA Test Group settings for enable logging – allows to set up test in a group and disable logging and reporting of those tests
  3. Enhances JSON formatting to handle more types of JSON objects
  4. Fixes SMTP Task to retain credentials when specified
  5. Fixed GenReport.exe issues with reporting generation and email
  6. Optimized large project running tests with large numbers of RV or ADS variables
  7. Fixes use of ASF variables in the URL Field
  8. Fixes the Vulnerability Detail report prompting for DB Login
  9. Fixes the Test Case Summary Report and the Test Case Comments report
  10. Fixed regression issue with Request Tasks being executed from Project View
  11. Fixes Override IP setting to handle variables defined within the URI host parameter
  12. Fixes Override IP setting on RunSuite command-line
  13. Fixes test handling to more gracefully handle tests cases with invalid URIs defined
  14. Fixes Global SSL and TLS settings to activate dynamically rather than require a restart
  15. Fixes Create new Project naming to not add a default 1 on the end of the first project created with that name
  16. Fixes MTOM parser to handle more content-type variations
  17. Fixes HTML Form Post builder to support variable references within the parameters
  18. Fixes MIME attachment boundary setting to properly respect the boundary string setting
  19. Fixes hardware fingerprint detection to ignore USB sticks


October 21, 2016
  1. Redesigned product architecture for .NET Framework 4.5 (or later). .NET Framework 4.5 and .NET Framework 3.5 are both required to run the v8 product edition
  2. Added support for TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2
  3. Added support for Unicode non-english languages
  4. Added feature for changing ADS settings across selected ADS policies in the project
  5. Added ability to specify different Key Identifier than the Signing Key for X509 SubjectConfirmation in the WS-SAML 2.0 task
  6. Added UTF8 encoding to the Encode Value Task
  7. Added SHA256 algorithm to the Encode Value tasks
  8. Added new feature for conditional execution called
  9. Added support for variable references to be resolved within DLL Plugin parameters
  10. Added support for global setting changes for the ‘Force processing of Evaluation Rules’ setting on baseline rules
  11. Added support for Report filtering to optionally not report on dependencies or conditional tests
  12. Added auto save option for test cases to autosave edits without prompting for commit
  13. Added export to CSV option to QA mode testing to automatically export the result summary to CSV file on test completion
  14. Fixed Encode Value and Decode Value tasks to operate on both structured (XML/JSON) and non-structured (RAW) data
  15. Fixes MD5SUM and SHA1 option on the Encode Value task
  16. Fixes HEAD method to disallow message body per HTTP spec
  17. Fixes unicode handling of extra characters and reversing character sequences
  18. Fixes object reference error to be more informative when trying to perform SOAP operations on non-SOAP inputs
  19. Fixes SAMLv2 SubjectConfirmationData NotOnOrAfter attribute setting to be properly omitted from the assertion when not set
  20. Fixes JScript issues with setting Global variables within the script
  21. Fixes Encoding task to provide selective JSON content (when format is compatible with an XML structure) in tree view
  22. Fixes Decode task to provide selective JSON content (when format is compatible with an XML structure) in tree view
  23. Fixes Disable Test Dependencies option on test suite to properly handle Conditional Testing cases in Custom Groups that contain Test Dependencies
  24. Fixes support for URI encoding characters to be sent without decoding, such as the %5c encoded backslash character
  25. Fixes the HTML Form Post encoder to not URL encode values when sent at MIME via the multipart/form-data content-type
  26. Fixes DLL plugin custom parameter values to resolve runtime variable references
  27. Fixes Evaluate Criteria rules in project view to properly detect response codes other than 200