Release Notes - CloudPort API Simulation

Crosscheck Networks product line release notes include updated information for the documentation provided with the Crosscheck Networks CloudPort API Emulation product. The information contained in this document may be more up-to-date than the information that is provided in the Help system.

Release Date
Version 7.0.1 8/23/19
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1New FeatureAdded new OpenAPI project Type with support for OpenAPI 2.0 and 3.0
2New FeatureAdded optimizations for large project loading and running
3New FeatureAdded form based inputs for urlencoded and form-data Content-Types
4New FeatureAdded Form and Raw views for protocol header fields
5Fixing sourceFixes issue with custom HTTP headers defined on a test case appearing on subsequently created test cases
6Fixing sourceFixes issue with ContentType header getting created on test cases with HTTP methods other than POST and PUT
7Fixing sourceFixed bug with form-data Content-Types not correctly setting boundary header
8Fixing sourceFixed packaging and installation of Crystal Reports component to no longer require VC++ prerequisites
Version 6.0.4 1/23/18
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1New FeatureAdded support for HTTP Status Response text to be available as an HTTP response header for HTTP codes > 299
2New FeatureAdded support for additional fingerprint methods (EnhancedFingerprintDetection)
3Fixing sourceFixed WS-Encryption of a WS-Username token header with the 'Included Nonce Encoding Type Attribute' option set
4Fixing sourceFixed issue with disabled Success Criteria items still being used to detect dependencies
5Fixing sourceFixed issue with ADS initialization related to referecing ADS sources from XML project to WSDL project ADS sources
6Fixing sourceFixed WS-Security Signatures to support ETSI & ISO and allow certificates for signing that have only the KeyUsage=nonRepudiation set exclusively
7Fixing sourceFixed issue extracting Runtime Variable attribute values containing an "=" symbol
8Fixing sourceFixed handling wsam:Action attributes within PortType Operation attributes
Version 6.0.2 11/28/17
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1New FeatureAdded optimizations for rendering time on projects with a large number of data sources defined
2New FeatureAdded and Export File option to the context menu of the Report View XML file to more easily copy the result file to a selected target location
3Fixing sourceFixed WS-Security Timestamp to allow negative values for negative testing
4Fixing sourceFixed regression issue with Send Email task
5Fixing sourceFixed issue with TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 settings being preserved through restarts
6Fixing sourceFixed issue of duplicate TestIDs caused when cloning groups of Test Cases by cloning the Test Folder
7Fixing sourceFixed Microsoft OLEDB driver issues on older Excel files (.xls)
8Fixing sourceFixed display width of SSL certificate display on Authentication tab
9Fixing sourceFixed success criteria behavior when "Skip Rule if XPath not found" is enabled and none of the defined XPath rules match the target content
Version 6.0.1 10/03/16
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1New featureRedesigned product architecture for .NET Framework 4.5 (or later). .NET Framework 4.5 and .NET Framework 3.5 are both required to run the v8 product edition
2New featureAdded support for TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2
3New featureAdded support for Unicode non-english languages
4New featureAdded ability to specify different Key Identifier than the Signing Key for X509 SubjectConfirmation in the WS-SAML 2.0 task
5New featureAdded UTF8 encoding to the Encode Value Task
6New featureAdded SHA256 algorithm to the Encode Value tasks
7New featureAdded support for variable references to be resolved within DLL Plugin parameters
8New featureAdded support for Report filtering to optionally not report on dependencies or conditional tests
9New featureAdded auto save option for test cases to autosave edits without prompting for commit
10Fixing sourceFixed Encode Value and Decode Value tasks to operate on both structured (XML/JSON) and non-structured (RAW) data
11Fixing sourceFixed MD5SUM and SHA1 option on the Encode Value task
12Fixing sourceFixed HEAD method to disallow message body per HTTP spec
13Fixing sourceFixed unicode handling of extra characters and reversing character sequences
14Fixing sourceFixed object reference error to be more informative when trying to perform SOAP operations on non-SOAP inputs
15Fixing sourceFixed SAMLv2 SubjectConfirmationData NotOnOrAfter attribute setting to be properly omitted from the assertion when not set
16Fixing sourceFixed JScript issues with setting Global variables within the script
17Fixing sourceFixed Encoding task to provide selective JSON content (when format is compatible with an XML structure) in tree view
18Fixing sourceFixed Decode task to provide selective JSON content (when format is compatible with an XML structure) in tree view
19Fixing sourceFixed the HTML Form Post encoder to not URL encode values when sent at MIME via the multipart/form-data content-type
20Fixing sourceFixes DLL plugin custom parameter values to resolve runtime variable references
Version 5.0.4 03/03/16
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1New featureAdded the ability to clone a set of test cases associated with a Test Folder via right-click clone option
2Fixing sourceFixed Test Folder deletion when folder was created manually from the Test case context menu
3Fixing sourceFixed issue with Reporting View log directory selector that did not allow viewing log results in direcories not listed in an actively loaded test suite
4Fixing sourceFixes hash calculation issue with SHA-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512 signature algorithms on the SAML 2.0 Task
5Fixing sourceFixes Global Variable import setting for Installation or Project directory to resolve on commit rather than require a project re-save
Version 5.0.3 08/02/15
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1New featureAdded Test Case folder rename and delete options
2New featureAdded support for HP ALM v11 (previously called HP Quality Center)
3New featureAdded support for HP ALM v11.5 (previously called HP Quality Center)
4New featureAdded support for SAML Audience
5New featureAdded support for RSAModulus KeyIdentifier in WS-SAML 2.0 signatures
6New featureAdded multiple selection delete and export to the traffic capture utility tool
7New featureAdded HTTP code data column to the traffic capture utility tool
8Fixing sourceFixes test cases enable/disable
9Fixing sourceFixes regression issue with selected key on WS-SAML 2.0 not showing details when returning to edit policy
10/td>Fixing sourceFixes traffic capture utility to handle and broker HTTP 500 error responses
11Fixing sourceFixes the Base64 encode function to work on non-SOAP messages
Version 5.0.2 11/25/14
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1New featureAdded dynamic Header modification capability to CloudPort Player (content-types, etc)
2New featureAdded Administrative rights detection label in Help->About to more easily determine when users are running with Admin rights or not
3New featureAdded admin rights warning on activation screen when non-privileged user detected
4New featureAdded detection of locked directory (non-privileged user) and handling of WSDL loading to Windows Temp directory
5New featureAdded GZIP decompression support for Proxy Server Data Capture tool
6New featureAdded selective message export feature to Proxy Server Data Capture tool
7New featureAdded support for WSDL Notification operations (having only an output parameter, no input) per section 2.4.4 of WSDL spec
8Fixing sourceFixes Proxy Server Data Capture tool to not use If-Modified-Since to disable remote HTTP 304 responses
9Fixing sourceFixes design-time Success Criteria evaluation to initialize schemas for XSD validation rule
10Fixing sourceFixes handling of nested context variables i.e.: $fn:Global(#fn:Global()#)$
11Fixing sourceFixes issues with Variable match success criteria rule
12Fixing sourceFixes issue with WSDL and XSD imports for ?WSDL loading
13Fixing sourceFixes WSDL SOAP test case types to support manually setting MTOM content-type
14Fixing sourceFixes URI Query String parameter matching rule builder to not default to exists
15Fixing sourceFixes URI Query string parameter matching runtime behavior
Version 5.0.1 08/20/14
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1New featureAdded new project and WSDL loading / sorting panels
2New featureAdded comment support for previously loaded Projects and WSDLs to better categorize and recall
3New featureAdded success criteria evaluation to Project View mode on the Success Criteria screen menu enabling design time rule evaluation
4New featureAdded button to refresh project globals from file
5New featureAdded support for an HTTP proxy for outbound requests in Proxy Traffic Capture tool
6New featureAdded support for parsing derived by extension types across multiple schema namespaces
7New featureAdded toolbar menu item for HTML Form Post graphcal builder to enable configuring www.urlencoded and form/post for REST test case types
8New featureAdded duplicate project detection for non WSDL projects to enable merge or clear project options on load
9New featureAdded support for defining cookie values on separate HTTP Header lines
10New featureAdded feauture for SOAP 1.2 dynamic URI action handling to both content-type and WS-Addressing
11Fixing sourceFixes trailing slash being added to the Listener URI by default
12Fixing sourceFixes Rename after clone to preserve changed name in cloning renaming scheme
13Fixing sourceFixes REST and JSON test types to hide Atttachments tab on the request
14Fixing sourceFixes project display ordering after merging projects
15Fixing sourceFixes handling of memory table variable references to ignore leading or trailing spaces in variable name
16Fixing sourceFixes issues with Memory Tables and dynamic instantiation
17Fixing sourceFixes issue with random interval setting in Time delay task
18Fixing sourceFixes regression issue with runtime variable tree displaying duplicate leaf nodes
19Fixing sourceFixed keystore loading issue with wrong password causing infinite delay
Version 4.0.5 03/28/14
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1New featureAdded ability to apply digital signature task to Username Tokens
2Fixing sourceFixes issue with WSDL schemas defining custom namespaces with prefix of xsd
3Fixing sourceFixes issue with Array allocation in schema fields when allocating and then deallocating after already defining sub array elements for the first array element
4Fixing sourceFixes speed of loading of VBScript and JScript task and Success Criteria when a large number of variables are defined
5Fixing sourceFixes attachment tab to display MTOM base64 references and disable Add/Remove attachments from that tab
6Fixing sourceFixes schema fields tab label display on SOAP test case types
7Fixing sourceFixes remote simultion monitor window with revised context-menu and button to launch remote simulation viewer
Version 4.0.4 1/06/14
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1New featureAdded support for XML Fragments as SAML attribute values
2New featureAdded enhanced display of Simulation test policies in Runtime Simulation Player for easier consolidated view and dynamic configuration
3Fixing sourceFixes summary navigation links when Tests folder is shown
4Fixing sourceFixes display of Runtime Variables from the Run Simulation Test Case configuration popup view
5Fixing sourceFixes display of Runtime Simulation tasks to include disabled tasks when viewing to dynamically configure
6Fixing sourceFixes WSDL update removal of existing listener policy settings
Version 4.0.3 11/25/13
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1New featureAdded refresh button to real-time Simulation variable display
2Fixing sourceFixes regression issues with Request and Response tasks, both Global and Locally defined
3Fixing sourceFixes issue with Runtime Viewer task modifications to enable globally defined tasks to have runtime modification
4Fixing sourceFixes Verify Signature Task to preserve signature requirement attribute settings
5Fixing sourceFixes real-time Simulation variable display to show runtime variable updates
6Fixing sourceFixes runtime variable capture logic targetted toward inbound requests to obtain latest value prior to invoking tasks
7Fixing sourceFixes handling of schema that is both imported and included in separate schema files to only display unique files
8Fixing sourceFixes issue with WSDL Schema defined with ElementFormDefault='qualified' and AttributeFormDefault='unqualified' containing abstract choice types
Version 4.0.2 10/15/13
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1New featureAdded Matches Fragment function to XPath node fragment validation for XML diff matching of sub-node fragments
2New featureAdded support for JSON to XML conversion with underscrore characters (_) when JSON contains leading numbers in object names, which is disallowed by Spec in XML
3New featureAdds support for JSON detection and JSON XPath functions (converts JSON to XML automatically under the hood)
4Fixing sourceFixes issue with memory table variables as targets of database query success criteria
5Fixing sourceFixes issue with ADS variable resolution on JSON data formats
6Fixing sourceFixes issue with Resolve Global Variable task defined as a local task with Global Tasks also defined
7Fixing sourceFixes Save Project to ensure Global Configuration setting modifications are committed
8Fixing sourceFixes prefix normalization logic for baseline regression success criteria to handle more variances in older stored baselines
9Fixing sourceFixes Runtime Variable Capture for HTTP FORM POST requests
10Fixing sourceFixes baseline regression XDiff detection issue when node child moves up one level as node parent
11Fixing sourceFixes JSON content detection to handle cases where JSON contains embedded XML nodes
12Fixing sourceFixes regression issue with Query Database Success Criteria to prompt to store the new baseline when pressing the Execute Query button when 'Matches Baseline Query' is the selected function
13Fixing sourceFixes jks keystore loading for first instance to ensure keys subdirectory is created automatically
14Fixing sourceFixes issue moving JKS keystore keys to Windows Keystores
15Fixing sourceFixes port detection to properly report if another application is using the port when the IP is
Version 4.0.1 08/29/13
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1New featureAdded Matches Fragment function to XPath node fragment validation for XML diff matching of sub-node fragments
2New featureAdded support for runtime variable array success criteria target matching of multi-node values
3New featureAdded support for Tibco Topics Publish and Subscribe
4New featureAdded Conditional stop triggers for Tibco EMS topic subscription reading
5New featureAdded logic for multiple Tibco EMS topics in when running test suite in QA Mode
6New featureAdded RSAModulus KeyIdentifier support to WS-Signatures
7New featureAdded support for WS-Security Encryption of the WS-Security Signature header
8New featureAdded option to settings to disable SOAP Header validation when performing XSD validation from Project View to match what the Success Criteria task settings are
9New featureAdded support for WSDL URL global variables in WSDL and Schema upgrade dialog
10New featureAdded Sort option to Preferences and Settings to sort WSDL services alphabetically
11New featureAdded SHA2 algorithm SAML Signing support (SHA256, SHA384, SHA512)
12New featureAdded support for KeyName field in SAML2 ArtifactResponse token generation format
13New featureAdded support for conditional Testing test allocation with tests containing dependencies
14New featureAdded support for Excel to XML conversion on binary response streams
15New featureAdded option to SAML 2.0 token task to enable insertion into SOAP Header rather than WS-Security Header
16New featureAdded New SAML 2.0 token task with support for SAML 2.0 SSO Artifact response format
17New featureAdded options for selective enabling of SSLv3 and TLS cipher suite negotiation algorithms
18Fixing sourceFixes ChoiceType parsing issue with XSD with ElementQualifiedNamespace = False
19Fixing sourceFixes XPath Database Comparison dialog to resolve dynamic variables in SQL query at design time to allow running of the query manually
20Fixing sourceFixes Database Query Task, Success Criteria Database Query, and XPath Database Comparison dialogs to resolve variable references at design time when running the query
21Fixing sourceFixes Report Log View for JSON data to enable JSON display formatting when the formatting button is enabled
22Fixing sourceFixes Global Variable definition parsing to properly handle comment entries (starting with #)
23Fixing sourceFixes WSDL and Schema Import handling to better handle automatically relative file references containing ../../.. notation
24Fixing sourceFixes WSDL schema import handling to not default to attempting to load the namespace, but rather prompt for the xsd file location when the defined path is not found
25Fixing sourceFixes the String Replacement task to not trim the text and instead preserve leading and trailing spaces
26Fixing sourceFixes detection of Signature inside of SAML assertion for the Verify Signature task
27Fixing sourceFixes Project ADS variable functions to store data in optimized format and reduce project file size and loading time
28Fixing sourceFixes User Object handle cleanup in VBScript task when using File objects
29Fixing sourceFixes runtime variable capture encoding of & gt; and & lt; to properly encode text nodes on variable capture
30Fixing sourceFixed XPath Database Query matching to handle null database values to compare successfully against empty node values
31Fixing sourceFixes MoveUp/MoveDown options on task lists that was causing the listing to disappear until the test was refreshed
32Fixing sourceFixes issue with loading a previously merged project which was causing duplicate IDs for the sort order and an index error on load
33Fixing sourceFixes REST test case parameterization of Host and URI to ensure field parsing considers variable references
34Fixing sourceFixes issue with ADS resolution of dynamic variables in Database XPAth Success Criteria rule to not stick on the first row
35Fixing sourceFixes Global Task List references to Project ADS variables
36Fixing sourceFixes issue with VBScript SetVariableValue function to properly retain the new global variable value
37Fixing sourceFixes preservation of success criteria containing CR and LF characters for multi-line value matching
38Fixing sourceFixes labels on HTTP Code succes criteria rules to be Min Code and Max Code
39Fixing sourceFixes merging 2 same named subprojects with different test cases to prompt for preserving both sets of tests
40Fixing sourceFixes issue with signature verification under certain canonicalization algorithms
Version 3.5.1 03/20/13
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1New featureAdded support for HTTP Response Code to be parameterized via Context Functions, ADS Variables, and Runtime Variables
1New featureAdded new setting to WSS-Username token task to make Nonce element optional
1New featureAdded new setting to WSS-Username token task to include EncodingType attribute explicitly in the element attribute
2Fixing sourceFixes root node attribute detection to enable runtime variable capture and XPath attribute value comparisons on attributes defined at the root node level
2Fixing sourceFixes namespace detection of SOAP encoding array derived by restriction to determine the proper namespace prefix per WSDL and Schema declared namespace mappings after normalization of the prefix mappings
2Fixing sourceFixes Issue with VBScript and JScript reporting threading error 'cannot be instantiated because the current thread is not in a single-threaded apartment'
2Fixing sourceFixes issue with ADS data source starting on record #2, instead of record #1
Version 3.0.3 11/03/12
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1New featureAdded Proxy Server Traffic Capture tool. Enables capturing and replay of traffic via standard HTTP project, or via Reverse Proxy modes
2New featureAdded Import feature to import and create projects from traffic captured via the Proxy Server Traffic Capture Tool
3New featureAdded baseline XML Diff comparison for inbound documents to trigger simulation rules. Allows XML fragment comparisons for simulation request matching.
Version 3.0.2 06/28/12
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
specific rule first
# Type Description
1Fixing sourceFixes issues under heavy load causing simulation player to stop listening on the configured socket prematurely
2Fixing sourceFixes Base64 context function to for response and response header
Version 3.0.1 02/22/12
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1New featureAdds EDI Simulation Type
1New featureAdds JSON Simulation Type
1New featureAdds EDI Validation engines for 5010 and 4010 formats
1New featureAdds ICD 9 and ICD 10 conversion mapping tool
1New featureAdds ICD 9 and ICD 10 validation engine
1New featureAdds support for Elyptical Curves Algorithms
1New featureAdds method header to transaction tracing logs
9Fixing sourceFixes support for XSLT2 per SaxonHE version 9.4N
9Fixing sourceFixes Schematron ISO validation to handle abstract type declarations in XSLT2
9Fixing sourceFixes scrolling issue with Schematron ISO include file display
9Fixing sourceFixes Schematron ISO include file tooltip to show first 200 characters of referenced file content in tooltip
9Fixing sourceFixes Schematron ISO include file display to expand when viewing in popup mode
9Fixing sourceFixes simulation rule trigger detection when "/" match all request rule is mixed with more specific rules to check for more specific rule first
Version 2.0.2 02/09/11
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1Fixing sourceFixes floating licensing issues for Enteprise Standard and Platinum licenses
2Fixing sourceFixes XSLT2 and Schematron support
Version 2.0.1 02/02/11
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1New featureAdded Floating License support for Simulation Player and CloudPort Policy Editor to obtain licenses from central License Server
2New featureAdded new layout and navigation to the Runtime Simulation Player
3New featureAdded compatibility fixes for Windows 64-bit OS
4New featureAdded new Memory Table template reference type ($mtt) which resolves the values in the memory table as XML structures
5New featureAdded Memory Table menu items to VB Scripting Task
6New featureAdded Memory Table variables in Success Criteria VB Script editor
7New featureAdded Memory Table variable value collection iteration ability directly within VBScript and JScript
8New featureAdded Launch menu item for testing simulations using SOAPSonar
9Fixing sourceFixes DB Task query mapping to memory table base classes with one row of data
10Fixing sourceFixes resource issue in CloudPort Server running projects with a large number of subprojects defined
11Fixing sourceFixes listener commit settings object reference error from undefined WLS and EMS policies
Version 1.0.14 10/26/10
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1New featureAdded new free Runtime Simulation Player
2New featureAdded Local and Remote publishing capability
3New featureAdded CloudPort Simulation Controller service allowing simulations to run under the SYSTEM account and persist after user logout
4New featureAdded Floating License support for Simulation Player and CloudPort Policy Editor to obtain licenses from central License Server
5New featureAdded new layout and navigation to the Runtime Simulation Player
6New featureAdded new QuickStart simulation projects for echo, and static response simulations
7New featureAdded support for relative path names within file based context functions
8New featureFixes issue with remote monitoring connection to target instance not running projects
9Fixing sourceFixes export of PFX certificates from PKI Management screen
10Fixing sourceFixes loading of .cer files via PKI Management Load method
11Fixing sourceFixes Global Variable resolution in Success Criteria rules
12Fixing sourceFixes resolution issue for SendHost and SendPort MQ property settings
Version 1.0.13 09/28/10
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1Fixing sourceFixes dialog load button on Edit Sample input document
2Fixing sourceFixes CorrelationID behavior for Tibco EMS adaptor
3Fixing sourceFixes Message Provider display for temp and dynamic queues
4Fixing sourceFixes Commit values issue with Tibco EMS message property changes
Version 1.0.12 09/14/10
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1New featureAdded Test folder support for organizing tests in project view
2New featureAdded menu bar for runtime simulation player
3New featureAdded MQ support for clustered queues
4New featureAdded MQ support for separate inbound and outbound queue channels
5Fixing sourceFixes regression bug for MQ, EMS, and other JMS based policies
6Fixing sourceFixes listener panel refresh issues
7Fixing sourceFixes XML attribute encoding of ampersand character
8Fixing sourceFixes XML Signature verification task to inspect properties designated as required
9Fixing sourceFixes HP QC performance issues when linking to objects with large folder hierarchy
Version 1.0.11 08/16/10
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1Fixing sourceFixes global variable defintion persistence
2Fixing sourceFixes issue with transaction viewer when clearing transactions, but not clearing statistics
Version 1.0.10 7/22/10
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1New featureAdded SHA256 digest and algorithm support for WS-Security Signatures
2New featureAdded checkbox for SAML 2.0 Confirmation Method to allow it to be optional
3New featureAdded checkbox for SAML 2.0 Subject Confirmation Key Identifier to allow it to be optional
4New featureAdded PKI Password dialog obfuscate the password when typing
5New featureAdded XSLT2 support for ISO Schematron Success Criteria (requires xslt2 patch)
6New featureAdded XSLT2 support to the XSL Transform Task (requires xslt2 patch)
7New featureAdded SSL support for MQ
8New featureAdded support for SAML 2.0 Authn SessionIndex attribute
9New featureAdded KeyInfo support for SubjectConfirmation data in SAML 2.0 assertions
10New featureAdded XPath Global Variable mapping task to allow direct mapping of XML values to global variables
11New featureAdded Task Processing Logging to trace calls to test case tasks. Supported Logging levels include ERROR, INFO, VERBOSE, and DEBUG
12New featureAdded KeyIdentifier formats for SAML 2.0 signatures
13New featureAdded Copy/Paste task support
14New featureAdded a RVList variable support to populate based on RVArray
15New featureAdded Copy tasks support for individual task copying and pasting
16New featureAdded Project Global Variables
17New featureAdded External File write option to Decode XML task to decode contents to the designated file
18New featureAdded Dynamic Token task to enable extraction of identity token from a runtime variable and insertion into WS-Security Header
19New featureAdded Special Optimized controls to hold large text node contents
20New featureAdded support for Tibco EMS Temporary Queues
21New featureAdded various optimizations for Tibco EMS performance testing
22New featureAdded in-memory compression optimization for policy storage items and document processing items - results in 40%-70% memory overhead reduction from previous versions
23New featureAdded invalid XML character scan process prior to storing log results to help prevent errors trying to parse the resulting log file
24New featureAdded streaming optimize settings for responses that enable handling of large file transfers at lower memory overhead by limiting size of stored results
25New featureAdded linked success criteria (to Global Settings)
26New featureAdded ability to Sign WS-SAML assertions using WS-Signature Task
27New featureAdded popup editing for individual XPath sub-criteria rules
28Fixing sourceFixes SAML 2.0 Sign KeyIdentifier settings for X509IssuerSerial and X509ReferenceURI which were previously reversed in release 5.0.9.
29Fixing sourceFixes right-click context menu options for SAML 2.0 task dialog
30Fixing sourceFixes Replace String task to enable test case variable right-click context menu
31Fixing sourceFixes SAML 2.0 attribute name format setting
32Fixing sourceFixes SAML 2.0 certificate display issue when using dynamic certificate references to private keys marked not exportable
33Fixing sourceFixes Base64 encode context-function and WS-Addressing task issue
34Fixing sourceFixes DB Query Task option for updating a global variable to also override Project Global variables
35Fixing sourceFixes REST test case issue with aggregate response times in QA mode
36Fixing sourceFixes REST test case Report and Log view to automatically show request headers
37Fixing sourceFixes Test case renaming to update any runtime variables tied to that test case across the entire loaded project
38Fixing sourceFixes namespace detection for imported schemas with choice type declarations with unqualified type references
39Fixing sourceFixes namespace detection for imported schemas with choice type declarations with unqualified type references
40Fixing sourceFixes Base64 encode context-function and WS-Addressing task issue
41Fixing sourceFixes connection leaks for Tibco EMS and Native JMS adaptor testing
42Fixing sourceFixes issue with saved projects and dynamic signature keys
43Fixing sourceFixes memory leak in WSDL Document analysis
Version 0.5.7 10/12/09
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1 New feature Added Attachment support for MIME, DIME, and MTOM
2 New feature Added custom rename for success criteria rules
3 Fixing source Fixes variable detection for SAML 1.1 and SAML 2.0 definitions which include variables in the SAML attributes
4 Fixing source Fixes Evaluate File success criteria rule to include Filename field as variable aware
5 Fixing source Fixes display scale of policy stats bytes
6 Fixing source Fixes Test case rename to also rename the Runtime Variables
7 Fixing source Fixes Copy/Paste of a Test Case object to rename the Test Case for the copied target
8 Fixing source Fixes issue with preserving sample input headers for simulator rule selection
Version 0.5.4 7/19/09
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1 New feature Redesigned Simuation Server GUI
2 New feature Added Client IP stats
3 New feature Added custom fault templates per success criteria rule
4 New feature Added real-time simulation test rule modification features
5 New feature Added runtime simulation test rule displays
5 New feature Added ability to add comments for each Simulator test via right-click context menu
Version 0.5.1 2/16/09
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1 New feature Added native IBM MQ Message based Server Simulation
2 New feature Added native JMS Message based Server Simulation
3 New feature Added Import and Export to file options for all criteria rules and rule sets
4 New feature Added clear transaction ability to the Runtine Simulation Manager allow clearing of current runtime transactions
5 Fixing source Fixes enable/disable to show project commit button
6 Fixing source Fixes Wait task to only fire for runtime task processing, not during project view design time task viewing
7 Fixing source Fixes PKI Selection caching issue causing tasks to require 2 cert settings before becomming enabled
8 Fixing source Fixes policy rename issue for XSD validation
9 Fixing source Fixes conversion from parsed SOAP 1.2 bindings to SOAP 1.1 when updating Policy settings. Now adds SOAPAction back to the message header when SOAP 1.1 is selected
10 Fixing source Fixes schema view display to not show attributes of base abstract types, but rather only show the derived concrete attributes
11 Fixing source Fixes layout display optimization for large success criteria rulesets
12 Fixing source Fixes WSDL merge naming to rename the WSDL project per the name of the selected WSDL upgrade file
Version 4.0.11 12/15/08
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1 New feature Added support for Abstract Type detection for WSDL merging to detect late-binding types and merge new settings accordingly
2 New feature Added dynamic key alias definition allowing keys to be defined as an alias and dynamically resolved at test run time
3 New feature Added schema fields view filters allowing schema items to be hidden when viewing and building SOAP requests in schema fields view
4 New feature Added new feature to allow specifying HTTP response error code for individual Success Criteria rules
5 Fixing source Fixes SOAPAction cached header issue when changing from SOAP 1.1 to SOAP 1.2 on WSDL Policy
6 Fixing source Fixes Success Criteria dialogs and value preservation for XML Simulator types
7 Fixing source Fixes XPath selection for HTTP Header fields
8 Fixing source Fixes MoveUp/MoveDown context menus for non-SOAP test case types
9 Fixing source Fixes WSDL Merging for SOAP simulation types with Schema Fields disabled. Now preserves existing response data as defined
Version 4.0.10 11/19/08
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1 New feature Added a new context function Random(TYPE,MIN,MAX). Accepts a data type, a Min value, and a Max value
2 New feature Added a decode XML flag to runtime variables to allow actual XML values within XML nodes in encoded XML to be extracted at runtime in the request/response
3 Fixing source Fixes context functions to trigger repeatedly in the dynamic array task allowing different values for array contents to be autogenerated
4 Fixing source Fixes persistence of Relative Path Root setting for data source definitions
5 Fixing source Fixes content persistence issue with the XML source in XML Test Case types initially loading a project and clicking on the first XML test case
Version 4.0.9 11/12/08
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1 New feature Added option to variable array task for prepend or append XML array insertion behavior
2 New feature Added invalid XML character filtering for test suite runtime xml log files to mitigate invalid XML parsing errors
2 New feature Added Parameter to Dynamic Array task for XPath insertion location at current level, or child element of selected position
2 New feature Added Default log folder setting to settings and preferences for specifying the simulation log file result directory
3 Fixing source Fixes WSDL choice type schema parsing to handle types defined without qualified names in local target namespace
3 Fixing source Fixes layout of MIME and DIME attachments screen
3 Fixing source Fixes SOAP 1.2 Fault template to use correct namespace ""
Version 4.0.8 10/27/08
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1 New feature Added SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2 request detection for simultaneous SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2 support
2 New feature Added SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2 Fault templates
3 Fixing source Fixes success criteria associations
4 Fixing source Fixes log and reports to include SOAP Fault response on errors
5 Fixing source Fixes report view display to split functional success criteria rules and governance rules into separate tabs
Version 4.0.7 10/15/08
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1 New feature Added Signature support to SAML 1.1 task
2 New feature Added new recent projects and recent WSDLs panel
3 Fixing source Fixes XML formatting in request and response
4 Fixing source Fixes WSDL Merge to update namespace mappings
Version 4.0.6 10/08/08
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1 Fixing source Fixes tooltips for status icons on simulation server
2 Fixing source Fixes behavior for minimizing simulation server in system tray
3 Fixing source Fixes current variable listing for running simulations to be ordered alphabetically
4 Fixing source Fixes scrollbar on popup schema fields edit
5 Fixing source Fixes multiple test simulation node deletion error in project tree
Version 4.0.5 10/03/08
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1 New feature Added SAML 1.1 and SAML 2.0 multiple attribute definition support
2 New feature Added default filter for binary data to prevent project file corruption when saving projects
3 New feature Added Enabled/Disable options to Simulation tests
4 New feature Added Move Up/Move Down options to project tree nodes
5 New feature Updates Runtime Variable control to hide table by default and show more data in tree node tooltip
6 Fixing source Fixes MTOM content-type detection algorithm to handle variations of application/xop+xml and multipart/related
7 Fixing source Fixes regression issue with Global Authentication Settings for SSL Certificates
8 Fixing source Fixes regression issue WSDL Authentication Settings for SSL Certificates
9 Fixing source Fixes parameter list for VBScript and JScript functions to pass as a parameter all active variable types
10 Fixing source Fixes SAML 1.1 attribute namespace to be configurable
11 Fixing source Fixes Popup Edit dialog refresh and scrolling issues
12 Fixing source Fixes Global Variable File select button to browseFixes Popup Edit dialog refresh and scrolling issues
13 Fixing source Fixes context-menu for XML type simulator nodes
Version 4.0.4 9/18/08
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1 New feature Added new SAML 2.0 task with Signature Options
2 New feature Added new SAML 2.0 task options for combined Authentication, Attribute, and Authorization SAML Assertions
3 New feature Added multiple attribute name/value pairs for SAML attribute statements
4 New feature Added configurable options to MIME settings for Content-Transfer-Encoding, Boundary, and StartID
5 New feature Added Configurable setting for recursive type definitions to allow parsing of recursive types up to the designated number of repetitions
Version 4.0.3 8/26/08
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1 Fixing source Fixes installation package to include default WSDL scorecard rules
2 Fixing source Fixes WSDL Scoring Rules for disabled criteria to reflect properly in the scorecard report
3 Fixing source Fixes Schema Fields array allocation for SOAP 1.2 when CloudPort settings have the option for namespaces to appear in SOAP Body, not SOAP Envelope
Version 4.0.2 8/26/08
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1 Fixing source Fixes Optimization of project file sizes for saved project files that contain data source references.
2 Fixing source Fixes SmartCard cert reference caching to distinguish among certificates with the same DN and update the certificate selections accordingly.
3 Fixing source Fixes About dialog system info button for Vista platforms.
4 Fixing source Fixes cancel button handling when exiting CloudPort and are prompted to save the project
5 Fixing source Fixes schema import folder detection to also attempt previously selected folder for schema file locations defined without a directory path
6 Fixing source Fixes SOAP 1.2 WSDL bindings handling of SOAPAction
7 Fixing source Fixes SOAPAction header handling when converting from SOAP 1.1/1.2.
8 Fixing source Fixes handling of duplicate includes to remove duplicate definitions of schema types names in different namespaces
Version 4.0.1 8/01/08
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1 New feature Added Quick Links navigation screen for Projects
2 New feature Added WS-Policy Support to dynamically build Security and Identity policies based on embedded WSDL WS-Policy tags
3 New feature Added SmartCard Support for dynamic Encryption, Decryption and Signatures
4 New feature Added SmartCard Support for dynamic SSL X.509 Mutual Authentication from SmartCard Key
5 New feature Added XSD Schema Validation for non-WSDL projects
6 New feature Added XML Schematron Validation Success Criteria
7 New feature Added IP Override setting for selective IP override while retaining URL path
8 New feature Added additional support for directory relative paths for compound WSDL and Schema in relative paths directory structures with ..\ notation
9 New feature Added new display screens for WSDL Service and WSDL operation nodes that include filtered item searching
10 Fixing source Fixes WS-I Analysis errors caused by schema include statement in main WSDL types block
11 Fixing source Fixed XPath expression resolution for explicit XPath index values > 0
12 Fixing source Fixes display of failed success criteria items to include function details
13 Fixing source Fixes variable detection of tasks to ignore disabled tasks
14 Fixing source Fixes Validate Schema success criteria rule to properly fail on SOAP Faults if the "Allow SOAP Faults" option is unchecked
15 Fixing source Fixes criteria result reporting for Validate Schema success criteria rule to report detection of SOAP fault and whether "Allow SOAP Fault" setting is enabled
16 Fixing source Fixes MTOM setting on policy to force MTOM XOP package format when client is set to "On", regardless of whether there is BASE64 data in the request to process
17 Fixing source Fixes Xpath Success criteria rule to handle duplicate namespace prefix mappings with different prefix names at the same XML XPath level
18 Fixing source Fixes X509SerialNumber WS-Signature option to use Decimal representation of the X509 serial number rather than the default HEX value
19 Fixing source Fixes PKI Certificate selection display to provide more details including X509 certificate extensions such as KeyUsage
Version 0.1.11 6/22/08
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1 New feature Added MoveUp/MoveDown Menu options for project tree nodes
2 New feature Added WSDL Operation alphabetic sort setting
3 New feature Added NTLM authentication option to WSDL capture authentication settings
4 New feature Added 'Exact Substring Match' option to Content and HTTP string match function
5 Fixing source Fixes AVD library setting recall after CloudPort restart
6 Fixing source Fixes match none Success criteria for SOAP fault contents
Version 0.1.10 6/2/08
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1 New feature Added support to the Extract XML Fragment task to allow an encoded string to included another encoded string
2 Fixing source Fixes namespace prefix detection for abstract types in compound WSDL with imported message definitions with import schema references
3 Fixing source Fixes HTML View setting on XML View Control to render HTML without an XML transform
4 Fixing source Fixes the Force Scan all Results setting on Success Criteria to scan multiple XPath criteria withn rule as well as multiple rules
5 Fixing source Fixes logic for the "Ignore Criteria if XPath not Found" setting to force pass when no XML exists at XPath location
6 Fixing source Fixes schema parses to properly handle late-binding parsing for embedded choice types with occurence attributes
Version 0.1.9 5/13/08
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1 New feature Added CSV export to right-click context menu for the log view Grids displays
2 New feature Added support for Abstract WSDL Services (no explicit service definition in WSDL
3 Fixing source Fixes browse button on Reporting View for changing reporting directory
4 Fixing source Fixes Excel setting grid export format to export values to Excel as numbers instead of text
5 Fixing source Fixes schema parser to handle schema duplicates from multiple includes of the same schema across different schema imports
6 Fixing source Fixes logic error with Policy Authentication settings for local authentication and global forced override
7 Fixing source Fixes schema compilation warning when using xsd:include statements directly inside WSDL schema blocks
Version 0.1.8 4/25/08
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1 New feature Added flag on success criteria to disable optimization and force processing all rules regardless of the result
2 Fixing source Fixes File Manipulation Action Task to resolve any applicable context variables prior to writing data to file
3 Fixing source Fixes Update Global Variable task to allow updating global variables with other test variables
4 Fixing source Fixes File Manipulation Action Task newline to include line feed as well as carriage return
5 Fixing source Fixes Test Case Rename for XML Test Case types
6 Fixing source Fixes Display of ordered extension types on Late-Binding schema fields GUI buttons
7 Fixing source Fixes SOAP generation for xsd:choice type late binding when choice type maps to element with no child elements
8 Fixing source Increased Max Timeout parameter for requests to 10 minutes
Version 0.1.7 4/7/08
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1 Fixing source Fixes issue with 'Show as Root' option not correctly expanding certain filtered types
2 Fixing source Fixes issue with prefix declaration in SOAP envelope for late binding of abstract types from other schema namespaces
3 Fixing source Fixes display of late bind abstract types to display in alphabetical order
4 Fixing source Fixes schema compilation warnings with WSDL files having schema referencing each other via import statements
5 Fixing source Optimized handling of schema compilation errors when using schema fields
6 Fixing source Associates .smp extensions as known extension to launch CloudPort
7 Fixing source Fixes issue with new recursive extended schema parsing resolution causing a stack overflow exception on certain schemas
Version 0.1.6 3/13/08
CloudPort Enterprise and Runtime Player
# Type Description
1 New feature Added 'Show as Root' option for schema field objects to focus on segments of the schema to work on
2 Fixing source Fixed context menu for ADS, ADF, and RV variable types in the Request URL context menu
3 Fixing source Fixes variable settings on Database success criteria rule
4 Fixing source Extends late binding of choice types referencing element types in external referenced schemas
5 Fixing source Extends late binding extension parsing to parse all inheritence levels to base rather than limit to first level
6 Fixing source Extends late binding choice type parsing to handle generic schema sequence types
7 Fixing source Optimized Memory consumption when running simulation
8 Fixing source Updated database query success criteria to detect sql statement COUNT and extract the result as the count
9 Fixing source Updates result text of database query success criteria details to show SQL query
Product Minimum Requirements:
  • 1GB RAM
  • 1GHz CPU
  • 250MB Free Disk Space