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Simplified User Experience

Easy to build and run test cases against APIs. Point and click interface with command-line automation.

Industry Leading Capabilities

Latest standards for testing and verifying API variants, message formats, MFA, SSO, Federation, and Zero Trust.

Zero Trust Validation

Built-in capabilities to test access control, message security, user identity, device simulation for Zero Trust Architectures.

Customer Driven Innovation

Customer driven roadmap with active product engineering for cutting-edge capabilities and product features.

Functional Testing

Validate the functional behavior of API endpoints with client input simulations. Quality criteria rules provide validation and regression testing of API behavior. Tests can be run on-demand or automated.

Regression Testing

Create behavior baselines and run regression tests to determine if any breakage or change of behavior occurs. Includes JSON and XML Diff capability.

OpenAPI Testing

Supports latest OpenAPI standards for automatically parsing OpenAPI documents and building test cases for all of the defined functions.

Data Privacy Testing

Test encryption and decryption of REST, XML, and SOAP message patterns.

Fuzz Testing

Dynamic mutation engine intelligently generates input fuzzing and measures responses against criteria rules. Security tests provide risk posture and vulnerability profile reporting.

MFA and SSO Testing

Test authentication schemes including OAuth, SAML, PKI, Basic Auth, Amazon Auth, and Kerberos. Verify SSO tokens and cookies.

AWS Cloud API Testing

Built-in support for AWSv4 signatures to authenticate to and test Amazon AWS APIs.

Performance Testing

Simulate load from multiple virtual clients to measure and validate the performance criteria of the target APIs. Dynamic security and identity provide real world simulated inputs.

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